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Website Functionalities

Buy diamonds at your fingertips

Experience a seamless Diamond selection & buying process, with user-friendly interface & personalized notifications within our website.

To understand these features in depth, we divide it into 3 parts


Here you can view:

Links to different search forms for our inventory

You can either make a Normal Diamond Search from our entire inventory, or filter down your options, via following search forms:

  • Fancy Colour Diamonds that are rare & fancy coloured
  • BPF Diamonds Diamonds that have newly arrived in our inventory & can be secured, by participating in our online bidding system
  • New Arrival Diamonds that have arrived in our inventory, within last 7 days
  • Exceptional Diamonds & Pairs Specially curated collection of our exceptional pieces & pairs

Your activities on our website

Get a glimpse of YOUR

  • Basket Diamonds saved, for future purchases or below mentioned operations
  • Watchlist Diamonds, for which changes in price needs to be tapped
  • Offer Diamonds, for which you have quoted a price
  • Add Demand Diamonds for which you have a specific/regular requirement
  • Request Diamonds which you wish to physically inspect or need any more information about
  • BPF Best price quoted by you, for our newly arrived diamonds

Our showstopper diamond pieces & pairs

Snapshot of your recent searches & purchases

Stock Search Engine

You can search for your desired diamonds, through Instant Search option, Basic Search option or Advance Search option.

Instant Search Option

If you have the identification no. of any particular diamond like Stock ID / Certificate No, Memo No or Show ID, you can simply feed it & view the diamond.

Basic Search Option

  • Search your desired diamonds, through most commonly/widely used shortlisting parameters
  • Further refine these parameters by selecting presence of Inclusion, Heart & Arrow, Fluorescence intensity etc.
  • Search for diamonds that are eligible for Canada Mark / Forevermark
  • Apply reverse search technique, wherein you can provide your desired price range / RAP discount range & select from the diamonds available within them

Advance Search Option:

For more specific parameter, we also have advance search option, where you can further filter down your options, by feeding/selecting:

  • In depth measurement ratios
  • Specific Clarity features or Clarity comments

Search Result

After providing inputs for search criteria’s you will be able to:

  • View all features of diamonds in a tabular format
  • View no of stones shortlisted, their total weight, avg - Rap price, Rap discount & per ct price, total price & other parameters of the diamonds
  • Check availability of diamonds & also whether they are eligible for any promotional offers or bids (via colour legends)
  • Sort the result in ascending or descending order, on all parameters individually
  • Compare features & prices of 2 or more diamonds
  • Select stones from single or multiple search & add to basket or watchlist or send a view request
  • Place order for:
    • Your selected diamonds OR
    • Those diamonds which are on hold or out on memo, to secure them if & when they are released. You can also feed in a particular time period, till which you wish to keep your order live. (Arrival notification will be sent via Email.)
  • Prepare & save Notes regarding quality/detailing’s of diamonds, after inspecting them physically
  • View / download details of your selected diamonds in excel / PDF format
  • View high dimensional Image & Video, by clicking on the icon or stone ID
  • View each & every minute details of the diamonds, by clicking on the stock ID
  • Add Offer Price for your selected stones

A snapshot of our key functionalities


You can save your selected diamonds for future purchases. Via Basket you can also perform further operations like Compare 2 or more stones, add them to your watchlist, send view request etc.

To use this feature, you need to search for your desired stone, select the stones you want to add to your basket & click on “Add to Basket” tab.


By adding Diamonds to “Watchlist”, you can keep a track for your future demands & revision in price, for your selected diamonds. Notifications for the same, will be sent on your registered Email address.

To use this feature, you need to search for your desired stone, select the ones you want to add to watchlist & click on “Add to Watchlist” tab.


You can quote a price or discount percentage, for your selected diamonds, along with a particular time duration, for which you wish to keep the offer live. You shall be notified via Email, if we decide to accept the offer.

To use this feature, you need to search for your desired stone, select the ones you want to quote a price for, click on the Offer icon & feed in your offer price / desired discount %.

Add Demand

By adding Diamonds to “Add Demand”, you can upload your specific/regular demand, along with a particular time duration, for which you wish to keep the demand live. An Email notification will be sent, as & when any new diamonds falling under this category enter into our inventory.

To use this feature you can select the required parameters of your stone on the search page & click on “Add Demand” tab.

Save & Search

You can save/update your searched parameters, so that you don't have to recall & go through the selection procedure every time, for your regular requirements.

To use this feature, you can select the features of your stone on the search page & click on “Save & Search” tab.

Create excel

You can export all the data of your searches & selected stones in excel / PDF format & save them for future references.


You can place a request for:

  • Physically inspecting the selected diamonds, either yourself or by our sales representative.
  • Diamonds which you wish to purchase but are on hold by other client. Email notifications will be sent as & when they are released.
  • Any additional information if required.

To use this feature, you need to search for your desired stone, select the stones you want to place a request for, click on “Send Request” tab & specify your comments in the description box.

A section of our search page also comprises of colour legends, to check the current status of diamonds.

Analysis for the same:

  • Red icon – For diamonds that are on hold by other client
  • Aqua Blue icon – For diamonds that have arrived into our inventory in the last 7 days
  • Purple Icon – For diamonds on which you have offered your price
  • Green Icon – For diamonds which you have placed a bid for
  • Royal Blue Icon & Brown Icon– For diamonds which you have placed a bid for