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Why Ankit Gems

Amongst world’s leading Diamantaires, established in 1985

Ankit Gems is one of the top Diamond Processing Company.

With a strong goodwill developed over 30 years, we are known for utmost transparency and ethical business practices, along with an unfaltering dedication to perfection.

Our commitment towards excellence & innovation is what makes us the most preferred supplier for polished diamonds.

Direct supply contract with miners across the world

We source our rough diamonds from internationally recognized miners like De Beers, Alrosa & NDTC amongst others.

This ensures all our diamonds are natural, conflict-free and traceable to the origin, making us the preferred choice for customers globally.

Manufacturing expertise

Integration of technical innovations and expert craftsmanship makes us stand out from other Diamond manufacturers.

Having set – up world class manufacturing facilities in Surat & Namibia, we guarantee an unrivalled range of Triple Excellent Rounds.

Niche in fancy shapes

Over the past 15 Years, Ankit Gems has mastered the art of manufacturing fancy shaped diamonds.

We focus on improving luster of our fancy shaped diamonds, to maximize its brilliance and sheen.

Our large spread global network, top manufacturing abilities & unique marketing techniques helps us to anticipate & adapt to changes in customer demand of fancy shapes accurately, making ourselves future ready.

Due to our large inventory in Fancy shapes, we can fulfil your demands for pairs as well as layouts.

International standard grading system

We have a unique grading system, complying with international standards.

We can provide international certification of grading from reputed laboratories like GIA, IGI, HRD Antwerp, or any other as per customer choice.

In addition, we go an extra mile and further grade the diamonds on parameters, which are not included in any other grading certificates.

This includes table inclusion, Black inclusion, opens, eye clean, H & A, diamond shade, diamond luster & additional key symbols.

This will give you an in – depth detail of our diamond, helping you to make an informed & accurate purchase decision.

Strong presence on E-Commerce platform

We had begun investing into digital capabilities many years ago, which provides us an edge over our competitors.

Our e-commerce portal & mobile application delivers multiple advantages, ensuring you can browse our large inventory in a hassle – free manner, get in - depth detailing of each stone, as well as an opportunity to explore its physical characteristics almost as easily as if you were actually viewing it physically.

Moreover, it is accessible 24x7, from anywhere in the world with stock being updated on real time basis.

Strong supply chain integration

Product integrity and supply chain management are the cornerstones of our sustainability strategy.

Due to our responsible sourcing and ethical manufacturing practices, we have developed a good synergy between buying roughs, to manufacturing, to selling high quality polished diamonds globally, creating a distinguished value for our diamonds.

ESG factors at forefront of co.’s operations

Social responsibility is an integral part of our value system & we firmly believe in mutual growth, along with sustainability.

All our CSR activities are directed in alignment with UN sustainability development goals.

Our Surat factory is awarded with "Platinum Certification for Green Factory Building" by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

We have built eco-friendly unit solar panels, in order to drastically reduce energy consumption.

All our employees are accorded with equal opportunities and are not discriminated on basis of factors unrelated to their ability to perform their job.

We ensure our diamonds are sourced from and polished in a way that ensures compliance towards environmental laws and regulations.

Having offices in various countries, we provide employment globally & contribute towards their social & economic welfare.

Lastly, we also aim to continue making substantial improvements in the society, by contributing in the field of education, healthcare & disaster management amongst others.

One stop destination

Ankit Gems is a one stop destination, when you have diamonds in mind.

Due to our huge inventory & manufacturing expertise, we can offer you a wide range of solitaires, from 0.30 ct to 10 ct+ sizes.

We can also cater to all your demands, for single stone, pairs as well as layouts.

Whatever the size of your business, we can meet all your diamond supply requirements, in the most efficient manner.

Right size company

We are an ideal size company for all your diamond requirements.

We are not too small, that we cannot fulfil your specific demands, at the same time we are not that huge, that we cannot provide you personalized services.

At Ankit Gems, all our efforts are aimed towards having a wide range of inventory to choose from & providing the most seamless diamond purchase experience to our customers.

Global presence

In order to provide the closest support to our clients, we have established ourselves in all major diamond manufacturing and distribution centres around the world, with marketing arms spread across India, Antwerp, Hong Kong & Australia.

Thats why we say

buy from us, be assured