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Corporate Social Responsibility

We have always believed in giving back to the society, that has given us the stature which we enjoy today. In an endeavour to build a better tomorrow, Ankit Gems contributes towards the society at large in manifold ways.

Taking glimpse of a few:

Educational support for the under privileged:

In-order to build an educated & a better tomorrow, Ankit Gems focuses on providing an enjoyable and enriching educational experience to children belonging to the weaker section of our society.

Till now, we have been able to provide monetary as well as infrastructural support to 6 schools, namely:

  • - Pilucha Prathmik Shala
  • - Malan Pagar Kendra Shala
  • - Man Aashram Shala
  • - Ulhasrao Bhohir Aashram Shala
  • - Talwada Aashram Shala
  • - Arvind Aashram Shala

We have not only reconstructed & modernized these schools, but also provided in-school boarding facilities within them.

The new school buildings have been built in a way that amplifies daylight and cross air ventilation, along with better sanitation and sewerage system.

These schools have also been provided with additional amenities like built in kitchen units, shower room, sports room, play area & laundry bay, to enhance the overall infrastructure.

Apart from reconstructing the dilapidated school structures, Ankit Gems has extended its support by providing necessary supplies like books, uniforms, stationery & sports equipment’s, to name a few.

Through our initiatives we have positively impacted 10,000 + students, including the ones residing in Vikramgadh – a tribal rural interior of Maharashtra.

Promoting sports

Our contributions are not only limited towards educating the young minds, but we also take a keen interest towards promoting sports & gaming activities & thus contributing towards a healthier tomorrow.

We had co-sponsored Mumbai’s Mayor’s Cup International Open Chess Tournament for 3 consecutive years, from 2015 to 2017 & also sponsored various Premier League Cricket matches.

Aids to differently abled children & orphans

These are god’s special children, who require more care, attention & acceptance from the society. We contributed towards this noble cause along with a couple residing at Virar who have provided shelter to such children, by donating essentials like beds, clothing & food supplies. To make a difference in the society, our director sends a strong message of humanity, by celebrating his daughter’s birthday in company of such under-privileged children & distributing cake & goodies among them.

Basic facilities for abandoned elderlies

Elderly people staying away from home are left to themselves & are not considered to be in a very happy situation.

We made an attempt to bring a smile on the faces of 140 such elderlies, residing at Baba Bhaskar Pawar Vrudhashram, by spending time with them & distributing food, clothes & medicines, to meet their daily requirements.

Miscellaneous donations

Other than the above mentioned, we have also contributed towards the society by:

  • - Donating to various trust hospitals
  • - Contributing to The Gem & Jewellery relief foundation during natural disasters
  • - Organising blood donation camps
  • - Installing drinking water storage facilities in rural areas
  • - Donations to Shree Ram Krishna Mission, working for the betterment of mankind

We at Ankit Gems believe that contribution should not only be in monetary terms, but it is equally important to spend time with the needy & make them feel loved & cared for. Every year we encourage a different group of employees, from various designations to take part & engage themselves in these charity events. We also encourage them, to bring their children along for such charity events, thus incorporating humanity & inculcating a sense of giving back to the needy, within them since childhood.