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Ankit Gems sources their roughs from diamond miners across the world. We have direct supply contract with diamond miners like De Beers, NDTC and other such miners. This ensures that rough procured are Kimberly process compliant, monitored stringently throughout the value chain and thereby maintaining process integrity along with customer confidence.
Yes, all our diamonds are natural in every aspect, and cut to high standard. We do not sell laboratory or man-made synthetic/cultured diamonds. We do not sell any clarity-or colour-enhanced diamonds of any type. Therefore, you do not have to worry about being sold a laser-drilled, facture-filled, high-pressure/high-temperature (HPHT) or irradiation colour-enhanced diamonds.
Ankit Gems is one of the most technologically advanced diamond manufacturer in the world. Each of our diamond goes through a chain of technologically advanced processes, carried on by a team of highly motivated and skilled craftsman, that manufactures the diamonds with un-compromising quality and stringent testing, by using high-tech machineries.
Ankit Gems specializes in GIA triple Excellent Round diamonds. Backed by robust infrastructure base with progressive manufacturing technology, we have also created a niche in manufacturing all fancy shapes, thus allowing us to offer our clients a choice of exclusive fancy shapes, ranging from 0.30 to 10 Ct+.
Ankit Gems website has features called "Diamond Demand" & "Diamond Request", which helps us cater to your requirements. If the diamond you need is not available in our inventory, submit details in "Diamond Demand" section, vis-a-vis if the diamond you wish to order is on hold, send us a "Diamond Request" and we shall notify you upon the availability of the requested diamond.
Ankit Gems has a unique grading system, which complies to the international standards. We can provide international certification of grading on customer demand from reputed laboratories like GIA , IGI, HRD Antwerp and AGS (American Gem Society ) or any other, as per customer choice.
Yes, we can hold stones for 4 to 24 hrs., depending upon the size & category of the stone. Please contact our sales representative for further details.
Yes. We can provide this service after you remit the funds for the stone including certification and handling charges.
Yes, you are welcome to physically inspect the online selected diamonds with a prior appointment, which helps us prepare and in-turn serve you better.
It would depend on case to case basis. Please contact our sales representative for further details. You could get in touch with our sales representative for further details.
Yes, we accept bulk orders and work on programmes also.
We ship diamonds to our customer through available courier companies, i.e. Malca Amit, Brinks, BVC, FedEx and Sequel.
We provide free shipping services to our clients. The only time there is a nominal cost of US$ 150 is if the invoice amount is below US$ 15,000.
Yes, we deliver polished diamonds to any location across the world.
Yes. Shipments sent are fully insured.
Each invoice sent through Ankit Gems will have a tracking number mentioned, through which your goods can be tracked in a hassle free manner.
Yes. As per your advice we can send the stone to your desired location.
We firmly believe that the diamonds we offer are unmistakably among the best. We do not encourage returns simply because we have streamlined the buying process to assure our clients that they are getting what they have asked for. In addition, most of our diamonds have neutral third-party grading laboratories attesting for their quality.
We strictly follow a "Fixed Price Policy" for all diamonds listed on ankitgems.com. Each of our diamonds are priced fairly on a regular basis taking into account market conditions and through in-depth research.
We accept payment only in US $, other than Rupees for Indian customers.
We deal only in fix price policy, however discounts are offered for volume purchase.
No, we do not accept credit card. You need to make the payment through Bank Wire.
We would request you to clear cookies and cache in your browser. You can do that by going to tools - Internet options. In case problem persists, please check with your system administrator.
You can search the diamond of your choice by using our stock search engine. In case you can't find them, please place your demands on "Add demand" section or feel free to call our sales representative.
www.ankitgems.com offers clients a platform to view their current inventory, with complete detail for each and every diamond, making it easier for the client to search for their required diamonds. Inventory is updated upon availability of new diamonds.
Each client is initially asked to fill out our "Know Your Client" form and then further checked for business registration and authenticity, through references provided by the clients.
After we receive your request for registration, a reference check will be conducted from our end and if satisfied, we will grant you immediate access to our inventory. However, in-case of any discrepancies, we would prefer to view a few offline transactions, before granting the access.
Images, along with all information about the diamond are already available to view and download on our website, along with high definition videos. For any further queries, you can always get in touch with our sales representative.