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Exceptional Diamonds

What makes these diamonds exceptional?

These diamonds are exceptional not only because they are beautiful and rare but more importantly since they are traced from Mine to Market in a foolproof procedure.

These Exceptional Diamonds come with a promise from Alrosa itself that the diamonds are mined by Alrosa in Russia. Proof of Provenance coming from Alrosa, largest diamond miner in the world, on carat basis is an ultimate tool for our customers to sell diamonds with confidence that these diamonds are mined in full accordance with the strictest ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) standards.

Alrosa understands their responsibility towards the environment and its sustainability hence every diamond's journey from mine to market is a carefully thought after and sustainable.

The proven guarantee of origin of these diamonds is further given by the Sarine Traceability Report. Sarine Traceability begins with a 3D scanning procedure, done by the miner, to create a verifiable image of the physical diamond and a definitive link to its digital certification. This enables the creation of an unbroken chain of authentication at every stage of the diamond’s journey – from rough to rough, rough to polished, polished to report.