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Namibia Operations

We started operations in Windhoek, Namibia in the year 2009 in a joint venture with Crystal Diamond Namibia.

We are one of the few companies in the world to have sight allocations for our factory in Namibia. At all times our rough sourcing is determined by demand and informed by our sophisticated ERP system which can be accessed online from anywhere.

We increased our purchases of Rough diamonds by more than 4 times since we started buying rough from NDTC. We could also secure additional Ex-plan purchases from NDTC (up to 53% of ITO value).

Our manufacturing unit got successfully audited for BPP and Forevermark integrity and started profitably manufacturing Triple Excellent Round Diamonds.

Factory Strength:

The unit has grown from its initial strength of eight workers and today has more than 100 employees. Initially a team of Indian experts spent time in Namibia helping to train the local workforce. The company, now known as Ankit Gems Namibia (Pty) Ltd, is seeking to further enhance its operations and develop the skills of the most competent and committed workers who could then provide leadership to other new local recruits. Besides the basics, they learnt the art of using computers for planning and processing the stones at each step.

Our Namibian Manufacturing operations are so strong, that we are already able to cut Well Made Fancy Shapes

Particulars As of November 2017
Employment of Citizens of Namibia as Diamond Workers (40 male, 27 female) 67
Employment of Citizens of Namibia as Ancillary Workers 7
Employment of Citizens of Namibia at Managerial Level 9
Employment of Expatriate Trainers 13
% of equity in Namibian Subsidiary to be held by Namibian Citizens 43%

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Initially few individuals were selected from among the employees of the company’s Namibia plant and brought to India to familiarise them with the entire manufacturing process and enhance their skills in cutting and polishing. The aim was to develop them as senior managers who will lead the workforce at the company’s manufacturing operations in Namibia. These employees then trained the other employees at Namibia factory with the help of our well experienced Surat factory employees who were specially sent to Namibia from India to provide the training and knowledge.

Training of Namibians:

Particulars As of November 2017
2011 23 persons
2012 30 persons
2013 10 persons
2015 19 persons
2016 34 persons
2017 11 persons

9 Namibians are in managerial level

5 Namibians were trained in India

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Our Namibia Factory is equipped with all the cutting edge technologies. we are the only Indian company to have Galaxy™ 1000 machine at our Namibia factory. Below are same of the latest machinery we have in our factory in Namibia.

Galaxy™ 1000

The Galaxy™ 1000 is the world-leading product for the fully automated detection and mapping of internal features in rough diamonds. The Galaxy™ 1000 can scan most rough diamonds and accurately maps all the inclusions in the diamond regardless of their type, size, and location. This unique process is performed quickly and automatically without the need for any “windows” being opened or other pre-processing of the rough stone.

Unlike alternative techniques, this revolutionary system operates virtually independent of the operators’ skill. It is designed to directly output its data to the Advisor™ – Sarine’s rough planning software, so as to confidently enable true optimization of the value of the polished stone, based on all the relevant C’s, including, for the first time ever, the Clarity.

DiaExpert™ is the world’s leading rough diamond planning system, used by most major manufacturers. The DiaExpert™ Eye provides all the same functionality of the DiaExpert™ with the additional ability to view the interior of a rough diamond using a high resolution optical inspection camera and the Charting software add-on. It enables the user to chart the rough stone’s primary inclusions with very high precision. Thus the DiaExpert™ Eye provides a manual capability to add to the Advisor’s™ planning solution the consideration of the stones internal inclusions. VS1 through I3 inclusions can be located and charted.

The DiaExpert™ Eye accurately scans all types of rough diamonds and utilizes a cutting edge laser scanner to map grooves, holes and other concave areas on the rough diamond’s surface. The DiaExpert Eye generates a 3D representation of the stone utilized in the planning process. When integrated with the Advisor™ you can optimize on Carat weight and Cut with an added dimension of Clarity, as well as with the highest confidence. Combined with the DiaMark™, accurate manufacturing instructions can be physically marked on the stone providing a full planning solution.

DiaExpert™ - DiaMark™

DiaMark™ Z is the industry standard laser marking system that engraves cutting instructions on rough diamonds, subsequent to the planning process. By combining the DiaExpert™ rough diamond modeling platform and the world-leading Advisor™ rough planning software with the DiaMark™ Z, you create the optimal rough planning solution. The DiaMark™ Z provides the perfect link between the diamond planning stage and the diamond cutting processes, by marking sawing lines, table, culet and girdle reference lines and shaping models for bruting, thus allowing the confident transfer of data from one department in your manufacturing plant to the next.

The Quazer™

The Quazer™ is an advanced high quality, green laser diamond sawing and shaping system, offering the combined benefits of high productivity and profitability, low risk of breakage and flexibility cutting profiles. The Quazer™ offers the best diamond processing value in the market and ensures fast return on investment. The Quazer’s green laser technology has an advanced control software and exceptionally user-friendly operating system.

It offers the advantages of minimal weight loss (double-sided sawing), minimal risk of damage to your diamonds, high throughput, easy maintenance, high durability and many optional add-ons including pie-cut sawing, shaping and offline job setup functionalities. The Quazer™ is a highly cost effective system for diamond sawing, bruting and shaping, employing green laser technology and advanced sawing and optional shaping capabilities, enabling more value to be confidently extracted from any rough stone. The Quazer™ utilization of a high-end green laser has proven its effectiveness in sawing high tension stones whilst maintaining near-zero breakage rates.

DiaMension™ AXIOM

DiaMension™ AXIOM is a high-end diamond scanner for measuring and modeling polished diamonds. After 25 years of 3D modeling based on shadows the DiaMension™ AXIOM revolutionizes with new in-light direct modeling of real-time microscope analysis, detecting the tiniest imperfections of the diamond, such as facet Junctions.

The DiaMension™ AXIOM is the only scanner that enables fully automated Cut & Symmetry grading.


Intelligent automation can provide accurate and consistent information on the polish grade.

The Helium Polish Diamond Scanner

The Helium Polish diamond scanner is probably the most precise and popular polish diamond scanner used invariably by diamond cutting factories, laboratories and dealers alike. Helium has become a de facto standard today for accurate measurement of various parameters & its deviations. Today it has been whole-heartedly accepted by all Global Diamond Grading labs, which includes GIA, AGS, IGI, HRD, GSI, IIJ, WGI, GTL (GJEPC), IDI and various others. When a diamond is scanned with this scanner, a very accurate 3D-model is constructed, which details the facets slope angle, its azimuth and its junction with adjacent facets. This 3D model allows accurate visualization and realistic image rendering, to objectively analyse and grade symmetry + cut. The model will show major and minor symmetry errors, which can be used to generate reports based on various appraisal system. The program allows users to create various user defined reports, to achieve the final goal. Very accurate 3D model allows the user to perform ray trace analysis, and calculate light return for the scanned model.

Triple Excellent Diamonds Machinery and Tools

1. The scaife lapping machines achieve a flatness of 0.0002 mm, equal to 1 optical interference fringe.

2. RICO Tools tangs for ideal polishing

3. WINNER brutting and conning machines

  • Management Control
  • Advance ERP system
  • Ability to track diamond from start to finish
  • Factory connected to Head Sales office in Mumbai
  • Quality Control


By using a special light source, Avalight, one can visualise the surface finish of a facet with very high contrast. Polishing lines can be observed more easily with this light source than with a classical light source. This method makes the grading of stones out of the tang much easier. By putting a facet in reflection with Avalight, the smoothness can be observed instantly

Jewelry design

“Women of Africa – Your Light Shines”

DTC Shining Light Awards Southern Africa Collection

Within an African woman, one will find the utmost beauty, affection and security embodied in who she is. She is a woman of strength and resilience and that’s what this neckpiece symbolizes. She always wears her nurturing heart on her sleeve hence so many run to her for comfort.